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The scenario. A woman believes her husband is cheating on her. She takes a peek at his cellphone bill and finds out he has been making lot and lots of calls to one particular number. The woman tries one of the free reverse lookup services on the available on the internet but she runs into a dead end becuase the calls are being made on a cellphone.

So what should the womans next step be? She could just sit on her hands and do nothing and be full of worry and always doubting her husband is been faithful or she could try a service such as Reverse Phone Detective - where she will be able to find out exactly who he is calling and much more very qucikly and easily.

Cellphone numbers, unlike landlines numbers are not available to the general public freely. So been able to gather them into one central database isn’t easy and any internet site that promises that you call search cellphone number for free is probably a scam.

If you are looking for a reputable cellphone lookup directory then you should try Reverse Phone Detective. There speciality is reverse cell phone lookups using their massive database which they have spent countless dollars and time compiling. Once you access the Reverse Phone Detective databse you will be able to do an unlimited number of searches - without having to pay any additional fees.

If you decide to do your search with Reverse Phone Detective then registering and becoming a member is very quick and easy. Before you know it you will have full access to their extensive database.

After you register you simply enter the area code and seven digit telephone number of the cellphone you want to gether information on. Or if its an unlisted or unpublished number you can also use Reverse Phone detective to search those numbers also.

The results take a few moment to gather as they gether all the matches for the telephone number you have submitted. Once a match is made the full information of that person is supplied to you. You can see their full name, address, any relatives or neighbours they have and much more. It will all be avilable for you to see.

Many of the other fee based reverse cellphone lookup sites only offer the bare bones. The persons name and address. But Reverse Phone Detective has many other additional features that you can access free of charge. For instance you can obtain detailed background information about the phone numbers owner or if you have an old phone number you can use that to find out the latest address using the extensive people search database that Reverse Phone Detective use.

So in closing. The quality of the results you are going to receive where you do a reverse cellphone number lookup totally depends on the site you choose. Reverse Phone Detective has a 100% results guarantee. If you don’t find what you are looking for using their service you get you money back.

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