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How To Stop Prank Callers Using A Reverse Cell Phone Directory

Imagine this, you are sleeping soundly and it is the dead of the night. You are infact looking forward to a good nights sleep and looking forward to enjoying the next day out with your family and friends. In the dead of the night, your phone starts ringing. You are hauled out of your sleep. You panic, rush to the phone and answer it. Well no one answers at the other end of the line. After barking on the phone for sometime, you realize that you have been tricked. Tricked into answering a prank call.

What do you want to do next? In your anger you would want to bash up the guy with a baseball bat. But the best way is to report him to the law. Prank calls are irritating and frustrating, the only thing that you would want to do is to how you could stop the prank calls. A prank call once is fine, but repeated calls can leave you harassed as well as tired of the calls. All you need to do is to stop the calls.

But if you are wondering how to do that, here is an answer. You have 2 very clear options. One is to hire a private investigator who will track down the guy making the prank calls and probably get you more details than required. He will report the matter to the local police or at the least, a mouthful to the person making the prank calls. That should stop the calls atleast. But that would cost a lot of money and effort. You need to think if it is really worth the effort.

The other option is to use a reverse lookup directory which will help you track down the guy as well as get more details. Here you have 2 distinct alternatives. The free one and the paid one. Free can help you only if the Prank caller is calling from a landline number. That would mean, if the call is from a line that is unlisted or a VIP number or a hand phone, you have no way of knowing who the caller is , from a free reverse lookup directory. Pranksters use this to their advantage and misuse it to the hilt.

So the best option is to go to a paid reverse lookup site to trace the prank caller. It takes you just a single percentage of what you would have otherwise paid the private investigator to track down the prank caller.

These paid sites have a database that is constantly updated and maintain unlisted phone numbers, VOIP and Mobile numbers along with the details of their owners. Add to this the land line numbers. So it is practically the whole phone number database in the country. And searching for details isn’t so complex. You key in the area code and the cell phone number and the entire detail of the owner of the cell phone gets displayed.

Now that you have details of the prank caller, wait for his calls. Once he calls, address him by his/her name . I am sure the caller would be stumped for an answer and sooner or later you can be sure that the prank calls would stop.

In case the prank calls continue, report them to the police with all the details you have gleaned from the Reverse lookup directory and hand it over to the law enforcement agencies. Let the Law deal with the prankster. This certainly would ensure that the prank caller is silenced for ever.