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Do Free Reverse Cell Phone Directories Exist?

By John Wood

Ever tried finding who owns a particular number? Ever wondered if there is a directory for Mobile phones, just like the landlines have ? I am sure the first place where you would certainly have tried searching am sure is the Internet and in particular Well, you aren’t the only one who searches on the numerous search engines that are available on the internet. Infact millions of people try searching for a cell phone directory where they could do a reverse search.

But the fact is there are no official directories where you can do reverse look up of mobile numbers. They simply do not exist. But surprisingly you can find cell numbers using search engines like and others that are available. Just type the number in the search bar , you would be surprised to find the owner of the cell phone in regular searches. But, most people simply do not try this at the first go.

However there is hope. There are other sites where you can submit your mobile number and you in turn search for other numbers on that site. There are many such similar sites that are popping up all over the internet. All you have to do to search for other numbers is to submit your number for searches.

If you are worried about your Telephone number landing in the hands of telemarketers, these sites assure you that they will not hand over the numbers to Telemarketers. Some of the sites even notify you if your number has been searched on their site.

Here are a few sites that can help you find other numbers.

Reverse Phone Detective: As the name indicates it is a free directory where you can search for a cell number or do a reverse search. You can also submit your number so others can search for it.

Reverse Mobile: Like all directories this too requires that you submit your number before you can search their database of cell phone numbers. You can do reverse look up as well as search for numbers.

Phone Number Scan: Yet another site where you can search for numbers. However it is not required that you submit your mobile number for you to search the database of numbers.

While these directories provide a vital service and more and more players are coming into picture every day, none of the sites are endorsed by any of the Cell Phone Carriers. All of these directories work independently of cell phone carriers as of now. However you may soon have a solution on hand.

The entire cell phone industry except for Verizon Wireless are co-operating to create the first cell phone directory. However it will come with a lot of checks and balances. It will list only those numbers who have opted to be listed on the directory. So, there is a good chance that you might miss more than a few numbers. The details are sketchy at this point of time though. It might be a restricted access to the site. You can be rest assured that this wont be a Book that will do an alphabetical listing of all the numbers